Sit-Inside Rec Kayaks

Sit-inside recreational kayaks are an alternative to sit-on-top kayaks. Since you sit inside the kayak, your lower body is protected from the elements, such as the sun in the summer and splashes of water in the winter. This eliminates the need for sunscreen on your legs or waterproof paddling pants, making a sit-inside the ultimate 4-season kayak style. However, the main downside to sit-insides is the extra effort it takes to get paddling again if you flip over. If you flip over, the boat will fill with water, so you must either find a spot shallow enough to stand up and dump the water out or bail the water out while floating. Getting back in the boat is also a little more difficult if you can’t stand. However, some sit-insides have small cockpits that allow you to wear a skirt, which seals you in the boat. With the proper skill and practice, those sit-insides can be rolled back up once flipped over, keeping the inside of your boat dry.

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Jackson Rec

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