Canoeing has been around for as long as history has been recorded. Today’s models use updated materials such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Royalex, but the essence of today’s canoe is still the same as it was hundreds of years ago. From paddling a solo canoe down big whitewater, to a relaxing float with the dog, or carrying you and 1000lbs of gear for a week long trip, canoes can do it all.


Alumacraft Voyager – Sold out at this time.


16′ – Now made with T-Formex – the new “Royalex”.  Call for more information.

2x Buffalo – Blue $1875
SOLD! Buffalo – Green $1875
SOLD! Buffalo – Red $1875

Mad River

Journey 167 – Spruce $1029 
SOLD! Journey 156 – Spruce $959.00 

Old Town

SOLD! Discovery 169 Green $1099.99
SOLD! Next – Lemon $999.00
SOLD! Next – Orange $999.00
SOLD! Guide 147 – Camo $799.99
SOLD! Guide 160 
SOLD! Penobscot 174
SOLD! Penobscot 164 – $1199.99 


SOLD! Adirondack 
SOLD! Aurora T-Formex Blem Green $1799
SOLD! Backwater 
SOLD! Fisherman 
SOLD! Kingfisher – Kevlar Ultralight $2849
SOLD! Minnesota II – Kevlar Ultralight w/skids 
SOLD! Minnesota III – Kevlar Ultralight
SOLD! Minnesota IV – Kevlar Ultralight 
SOLD! Prospector 16 – Green, Factory 2nd, T-Formex $2099$1785
Prospector 16 – Red, T-Formex Factory 2nd $1890
Spirit II – T-Formex Green Factory 2nd $1890
Spirit II – Green, Kevlar Flex Core $2399 
SOLD! Vagabond solo
Voyager solo – Kevlar Ultralight w/skids $2949
SOLD! Wilderness solo – Green, T-Formex $1899