Canoeing has been around for as long as history has been recorded. Today’s models use updated materials such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and T-Formex, but the essence of today’s canoe is still the same as it was hundreds of years ago. From paddling a solo canoe down big whitewater, to a relaxing float with the dog, or carrying you and 1000lbs of gear for a week long trip, canoes can do it all.


Alumacraft Voyager – Sold out at this time.


16′ – Now made with T-Formex – the new “Royalex”.  Call for more information.

SOLD! Buffalo – Green on Green $1875
SOLD! Buffalo – Red on Red $1875

Mad River

Old Town

SOLD! Discovery 169 Green $1199.99
SOLD! Discovery 158 Green – $1099.99
SOLD! Discovery 158 Camo – $1099.99
SOLD! Discovery Sportsman 119 Marsh – $1099.99
 Guide 147Camo 
SOLD! Guide 160 
SOLD! Penobscot 174
SOLD! Penobscot 164 Green 


SOLD! Adirondack 
SOLD! Aurora T-Formex Green 
3x Southfork – Green Triple Layer Poly $1199
2x Minnesota II – Ultralight w/skids+sliding seats $4149
SOLD! Minnesota III – Kevlar Ultralight
SOLD! Minnesota IV – Kevlar Ultralight 
Prospector 15 – Red T-Formex $2199
SOLD!  Spirit II – Green T-Formex 
Spirit II – Red T-Formex $2299
SOLD! Voyager solo – Ultralight with skids $3949
SOLD! Wilderness solo – Green, T-Formex