A Texas Gem

Looking for adventure? The South Llano River near Junction Tx is easily one of our favorite rivers in Texas. The South Llano River is a marvelous, crystal clear, spring fed river. Fun Fact: it flows Northeast instead of Southeast like most rivers in Texas. Fishing was hit hard by a monster flood in 2018. With that being said throwing smaller jigs, rooster tails, and Texas rigged worms is ideal. The flow was 75 cfs at the Junction gauge on this trip.

Duane and Evelyn at the falls
Justin and Alex coming down the rapids
Evelyn enjoying a small pool
Justin: Caught on a ned rig
Alex: Caught on whopper plopper
Evelyn and Duane making their way upstream
Alex in his Jackson Coosa HD
Duane with the leap!
Crystal clear water
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