Bonafide RVR with Newport NK180 Kayak Motor

A run down of my Newport Vessels NK180 kayak motor powered by the ZPRO 24V50 lithium battery on my Bonafide RVR119. I use this a solid setup for rivers and small lakes. Cruising speed tops out at just over 4 mph. Parts used on this build: Newport ...


Guadalupe River Gruene to Common Street

The TG Four, Nate, Evelyn, Alex and Duane, headed to Gruene to run the Guadalupe River from Gruene Bridge to Common Street Bridge, 2.1 miles total with a 96 CFS flow. Wednesday, the 23rd, the weather was great and the water was cool. Nate was in his Jack ...


Camp Huaco Springs to Gruene

We took advantage of 150 CFS flow on the Lower Guadalupe River and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. We ran from Camp Huaco Springs down to the Gruene bridge, about three miles. The flow was fine, the water cool, and the many rapids were bony, but fun ...


TGCK and the Road Trip Angler Show

Our full episode with Jameson Redding Fishing and the Road Trip Angler show is out! We had a blast hanging out with an awesome group of JK anglers on the San Marcos River testing out the Jackson Kayak Coosa X! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXpqF59g ...


Filming with Jameson Redding

The TGCK crew had a blast Filming with Jameson Redding for the "Road Trip Angler" tv show. Hanging out with Jameson and the Jackson Kayak crew, learning and discussing all things kayaking and fishing on San Marcos River. Thanks for the wonderful opportun ...


South Llano River Fishing

Top water rat fishing on one of my favorite rivers in Texas, the South Llano River. Using my Jackson Coosa HD kayak, Werner Corryvreckan paddle, and Astral Sturgeon pfd.


Lake Bastrop

Jackson Coosa HD paired up with the Newport Vessels NK180 kayak motor and ZPRO Lthium 24V50. I covered 4.85 miles of water and the spinnerbait was my ticket to success


South Llano River

The TGs, Evelyn, Alex, and Duane, enjoyed an wonderful day paddling and fishing on the South Llano River from Second Crossing to the KC150 bridge. Although the water was skinny, 53 CFS, we managed to paddle (and push at times) our way down the whole sect ...

San Marcos River at San Marcos Scout Camp

San Marcos River at San Marcos Scout Camp. This is a TPWD leased fishing access point. Bring cash and drop a couple dollars in the self serve drop box before entering the camp. I started at the furthest upstream point of the campground and walked in the ...


San Marcos River in Martindale Tx

I headed to the San Marcos River in Martindale Tx. I utilized their public park for access and walked in the river with one rod and a small shoulder pack. My focus was on two small lures, a rooster tail and the tried and true ned rig. ...