South Llano River

I loaded my Crescent CK1 kayak and headed westward, embarking on a solo journey down the South Llano River. The river’s gentle flow of 59 cfs created a leisurely paddle, though rocky in parts, the river remained deep enough that I never had to dismount and walk. As I paddled beneath the broad blue Texas sky, I was surrounded by nature’s beauty and exquisite details – deer grazing riverside, hawks circling high above, spooking a pack of wild hogs drinking from the river,  and turtles sunning themselves. 


Winter Paddle on the San Marcos River

As 2023 draws to a close, we seized the opportunity to embark on a final kayak adventure on the serene San Marcos River, basking in the beauty of a delightful 65-degree Texas afternoon. Alex jumped in his Jackson Coosa X, Evelyn paddled her Crescent CK1, while I navigated the waters in my trusty Jackson Coosa HD. 3 mile trip from San Marcos Scout Camp to Sculls Crossing


Bonafide RVR with Newport NK180 Kayak Motor

A run down of my Newport Vessels NK180 kayak motor powered by the ZPRO 24V50 lithium battery on my Bonafide RVR119. I use this a solid setup for rivers and small lakes. Cruising speed tops out at just over 4 mph.

Parts used on this build:

  • Newport NK180 Kayak Motor
  • Newport NK180 6″ Speed Controller Pigtail Extension
  • ZPRO 24V50 Lithium Battery
  • Werner Corryvreckan Paddle
  • Kayak Kushion Seat Pad
  • Bonafide RVR Stern Motor Mount
  • YakAttack Through Hull Wiring Kit
  • Bonafide RVR Steering Kit
  • YakAttack Track Mount Eyelet
  • Jackson Paddle Clip Kit
  • YakAttack Torqeedo Throttle Mount
  • Bonafide Sidekick Wheels
  • Sidekick Rod Butt Lay Double
  • YakAttack Doubleheader
  • YakAttack RotoGrip
  • YakAttack Boomstick Pro Camera Mount

Guadalupe River Gruene to Common Street

The TG Four, Nate, Evelyn, Alex and Duane, headed to Gruene to run the Guadalupe River from Gruene Bridge to Common Street Bridge, 2.1 miles total with a 96 CFS flow. Wednesday, the 23rd, the weather was great and the water was cool. Nate was in his Jackson Kayak Mini Tripper, perfect for this run. Evelyn paddled the stable, yet maneuverable, LiquidLogic Kiawah 10.5, Alex grabbed a Crescent CK1, and Duane jumped in his Jackson Coosa HD. All the kayaks were good choices to paddle the several sections of small, bony rapids while enjoying the flat water, too.


Camp Huaco Springs to Gruene

We took advantage of 150 CFS flow on the Lower Guadalupe River and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. We ran from Camp Huaco Springs down to the Gruene bridge, about three miles. The flow was fine, the water cool, and the many rapids were bony, but fun. We used a Jackson Bite Angler, a Coosa HD, and a Crescent UltraLite for this run, which we would recommend for intermediate and better paddlers. Great day to paddle in the morning and beat the temperatures as they crept well above 100 degrees in the afternoon.


South Llano River

The TGs, Evelyn, Alex, and Duane, enjoyed an wonderful day paddling and fishing on the South Llano River from Second Crossing to the KC150 bridge. Although the water was skinny, 53 CFS, we managed to paddle (and push at times) our way down the whole section of this beautiful Hill Country river Great day!.

Kayaks used: Crescent Ck1, Crescent Shoalie, Jackson Coosa HD