TG’s Paddle Guadalupe River from Comfort to Waring

July 2nd, the TGs took the opportunity to run 10.6 miles of the Guadalupe River from Comfort to the Waring bridge. Fortunate to catch a small rise from upstream, the gauge read a perfect 349 CFS when we entered the river underneath the I-10 bridge. The good flow allowed us to paddle, cruise, and run everything, except the dams and bridges, of course. Expecting some rapids, Alex and Duane paddled Jackson Kayak Coosa HDs and Evelyn paddled her Native Manta Ray 11. These proved to be good choices for us as they were made for this. Great Blue Herons, Belted Kingfishers, Green Herons, Ravens, Cardinals, very wary turtles, White-tailed Deer, cattle, and sheep graced the scenery as we paddled along. Majestic Cypress Trees ruled the impressive river corridor. What we didn’t see??? TRASH – YEA! With lunch and swimming breaks, the trip took us 4.5 hours. Truly, we had a great day.

Putting in under the I-10 bridge
Small dam
Easy portage on the left of this small dam
Great water flow
Cruising down the river
Duane stopping for a moment to take in nature
An island of Bald Cypress Trees
Wonderful Bald Cypress Tree covered tunnel
Texas Hill Country
Alex hanging out enjoying the day
A flock of sheep hanging out at the river
Deer grazing in the field
Ahh yes what a beautiful day
More Bald Cypress Trees covering the river
Waring bridge
10.6 mile trip in the books. Absolutely wonderful day, at Waring Bridge
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