TG’s Blanco River Trip – kayak testing Jackson Liska, Bonafide RS117, Native Manta Ray 12XT.

Blanco River testing the Jackson Kayak Liska, Bonafide RS117, and the Native 12 XT: We wanted to check out these three, traditionally flat water kayaks, on moving water to see how sea worthy they were on Class I rapids and moving water. We paddled from 5 Mile Dam to IH 35 on a day we had up to 20 mph winds, with the river gauge reading 245 CFS. All three kayaks checked the boxes for completing this run. We surfed them, ran them through rapids, and pushed them through a 20 mph headwind. We switched kayaks each mile giving each of us the opportunity to paddle all three kayaks. All were stable and maneuverable. The Liska slipped and slid over the rocky quick water very well, the 12 XT brought the fastest hull speed, and the RS117 tracked well with its tri-hull. So, what’s the verdict? If you own or are ready to purchase one of these fine kayaks, don’t forget to enjoy the rivers, too!

The Native 12 XT, Jackson Kayak Liska, and the Bonafide RS117.
Alex surfing the Bonafide RS117.
Evelyn running a small drop with the JK Liska.
Duane surfing the Native 12 XT.
Paddling down the Blanco River with three different kayaks.
Setting up to run a rapid on the Blanco River.
A good day was had on the Blanco River.
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