TG’s run the upper Guadalupe River.

We took advantage of the 75 degree temperature to run the Upper Guadalupe River from Bergheim Campground to Guadalupe State Park on Tuesday, 2-5-19. The river had a nice flow of 350 CFS, making the Class I and Class II run fun and enjoyable. Birds included a few Red Shouldered Hawks, Red Tailed Hawks, an Osprey, Great Blue Herons, Great Egret, and scores of finches, warblers, etc. We encourage y’all to take the time to paddle these Hill Country rivers while they’re running. The skill level for this section, at this water level, would be intermediate or better. The kayaks we used on this trip were the Native Manta Ray, Jackson Coosa HD, and Jackson Coosa.

Guadalupe River putting in at Bergheim Campground.
The great views just keep on coming!

Alex cruisin down the rio

Evelyn cruising quick water 
Travertine Falls. Can you say pretty? Yup, this is amazing!
Evelyn winds her way through Rock Pile Rapid.
Guadalupe State Park is the end of our Guadalupe River Trip. Great day.
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