Kayaking the South Llano River

Junction, TX, the South Llano River from 2nd Crossing to KC 150. West Texas rivers never disappoint and the South Llano is a spring-fed jewel. The 76 CFS was enough flow. Although we did bump the bottom in shallow areas, we chose our lines well and did not have to get out, except to portage or wet a line. We took fishing rods, just ’cause, but our purpose was to paddle and enjoy the majesty. Alex and Duane paddled Jackson Kayak Coosa HDs and Evelyn chose the JK Coosa. They were great choices to handle the quick water and wall shots the SLR had to offer. We encountered Great Blue Herons, Green Kingfishers, Belted Kingfishers, Mallards, hawks, crows, and feral hogs. The South Llano River runs South to North. That really makes no paddling difference unless it’s Winter and the wind is straight from the North at 10 – 15 mph. The 60 + degree temps were great, but the wind in the flat sections kept us paddling, head down and into it. Overall, it took us 4 hours with some early fishing and lunch along the way. We would rate this run for intermediate paddlers on this day, mostly because the wind could reek havoc on a newbie. Now, fast forward to summer Southern winds, and that wind dynamic reverses – down wind paddling anyone? After a dry fall and Winter, where do we go to get our West Texas river fix? The South Llano River is crystal clear, gorgeous, always running, and certainly does scratch that itch!

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